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The Gastrobus.

Please excuse the really lame quality of the pictures. I'm currently camera-less so I used my high-tech phone camera.

Every day on campus there are two different food trucks parked during lunch. They draw long lines and smell wonderful. I’ve always avoided them because while living on campus, I had a meal plan, and I didn’t want to pay for food when I could eat in the dining hall. Since this is my first year not having a meal plan, I don’t feel guilty about buying food off of the food trucks. I decided that I will try a new one each week and review what I eat. This is week one of the my food truck adventure, and I chose The Gastrobus. The other option was Krazy BBQ, a Korean BBQ truck, but I was attracted to the bright yellow Gastrobus truck, eye-catching, yet understated, with a lack of graphics and the name written in simple letters. No frills. Their specialty seemed to be sweet potato fries and sandwiches. I went with the Pulled Pork, which was described as including pulled pork (obviously), red onion, aioli, and cilantro. It cost $7. Not bad, not great either. I got my sandwich pretty quickly because I went at the end of the lunch rush when there was no line. And here are my thoughts on it:

The bread was great. A big soft bread roll, slightly sweet and chewy. A perfect vehicle for the filling. The aioli left something to be desired. It tasted mostly like mayonnaise, maybe with a bit of garlic in it. I was hoping for something more flavorful. There was a nice sprinkling of red onion slivers and chopped green leaf lettuce, but the cilantro was not apparent. The pork was really nice. Tender shreds cooked perfectly. It didn’t have much seasoning or any sauce, so it really showcased the pure pork flavor.

The verdict?

It was a good sandwich. Not amazing. Just good. I appreciate its simplicity, but I prefer an explosion of flavor, or at least some kind of intrigue. I enjoyed it, but I didn’t finish it with that contented smile that involuntarily takes over my face when I have something really memorable. Order it once, but not twice.

And since this is the intro to my new blog feature, here’s Intro.