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“Southwest Meets Louisiana”

In honor of National Taco Day falling on a Taco Tuesday, Food Truck Friday had to come early. Today’s blog post is about tacos. I consider myself to be a taco connoisseur—a taconnoisseur, if you will. I’m also sort of a purist when it comes to tacos. I’m skeptical of anything deviating from the little street taco. Nothing beats a fresh corn tortilla filled with chopped up meat, preferably cooked in some rustic fashion, and topped with a sprinkling of diced white onion and cilantro, and maybe a hit of salsa. That’s it. Period. No lettuce, no cheese, and definitely no sour cream. When I saw the Sky truck was advertising “gourmet” tacos, I raised an eyebrow. What are these people going to do to my favorite food? I decided to find out by ordering a couple. Two tacos cost $6, and I got one steak and one chicken. Waiting in line was a really educational experience in itself. I learned that their burritos are served “open faced” and that they’ve been doing it that way for 20 years. I’m not sure why. I feel like filling on top of a flat tortilla doesn’t constitute as a burrito, just a large flour tortilla taco. Maybe someone missed Burrito Rolling 101. I’ll have to experience that one first hand though, I suppose. I also learned that they have a signature “sassy sauce,” which kind of excited me. I love sauce. When I got my tacos, I got really excited because they came with a side of chips. I also love chips. The chips had some seasoning sprinkled on them, kind of like seasoned fries, which was a nice touch. They were cute and small too. Unfortunately, they didn’t taste very fresh. I would have liked them to be hot and a tad greasy. Nevertheless, I ate them all. Now for the serious stuff. Taco time.  These tacos are far from my favorite little street tacos. They’re definitely an American rendition, so I ate them with an open mind, knowing it wouldn’t be fair to compare them. The tacos were topped with finely shredded lettuce and diced tomato (cringe), and the sassy sauce. The sassy sauce was really good. It was sweet and spicy, semi-reminiscent of La Victoria taco sauce but a lot better. I dipped my chips in it, which was bomb. I could eat just chips and sassy sauce for days. The steak was a tad too chewy for my liking, but I really liked the seasoning. It seemed familiar, almost like taco seasoning from a packet, but like the sassy sauce, better than that. The chicken was awesome. Super moist and seasoned like the steak. I usually prefer a beef taco over chicken, but next time I would probably order only chicken. Yes, I said next time. I would definitely order Sky’s tacos again. The lettuce and tomato didn’t even ruin it. I was super satisfied and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Their tag line, “Mexican food with a splash of “’soul,’” was definitely very apparent in their food and I really appreciated that.

Here’s a song from an up and coming artist. This one is on the new Footloose soundtrack. Her whole album is great.