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**Spoiler Alert**

This is my first unfavorable review. Womp womp.

Oh beeteedubs, sorry Food Truck Friday keeps happening on days other than Friday. Sometimes my schedule gets messed up, but for the sake of posterity and alliteration, the name stays.

Back to the task at hand…

This is my semi-creepy stalker picture from my cell-phone camera. I felt too weird standing up and being obvious about my picture taking...

I’ve had Calbi tacos before. They were pretty good. Not nearly as good as Kogi, another Korean taco truck which results in the heavens opening up and angels singing every time I eat it, but they were still tasty. I ordered a burrito this time though to change things up. Typically, I order something without caring exactly what’s in it, because I’m not picky and I like everything. But for some reason, I felt like asking what was in the burrito before I ordered it. Good call, because Calbi puts a scrambled egg in their burritos, and eggs and I don’t have a great history. I asked for a spicy pork burrito sans egg, which left it including meat, sauce, and shredded lettuce. I’m pretty sure it was $5.99.

I was excited for my burrito. The truck smelled wonderful and I was starving.

I sat down under a tree and carefully unwrapped my little gem, layer by layer.

The anticipation grew.

I took the first bite. All tortilla, which is to be expected.

I took the second bit, eager for a full flavor experience.

Disappointment ensued.

I can’t put my finger on it, but there was a flavor in there that I was really not fond of. It might have been the sauce, or the marinade on the pork, but it was kind of sweet and peppery, and it reminded me of a flavor of beef jerky. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world–I finished the whole thing, covering each bite in spicy sauce–but I most definitely would not order it again. Maybe I’ll get their tacos another time, but Calbi failed my burrito approval test.

Sorry, Calbi. You just don’t start my…