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Your fabulously fast and fun food feature is back for a fourth tip.  Today we’re making trail mix! Trail mix is a staple in my life. I’m on the go a lot, and trail mix’s sustaining powers are what keep me alive. You may be thinking to yourself, “Trail mix is so simple, so boring, why bother blogging about it?” To which my answer is, “Because.” How many times have you bought a pre-packaged trail mix rather than making your own? You probably buy it about 99.9% of the time. Actually, I’d venture to say you buy it about 100% of the time. You probably don’t even like all of the things in it, am I right?

Shelled almonds (Prunus dulcis)

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I mean, who really wants those weird Brazil nuts? They look like sloth toes. Not appetizing. You’re wasting money dude. Plus, they usually add unnecessary stuff like extra salt and oil to the nuts.

By making your own, you get exactly what you want, how much of what you want, and you can control the nutritional content. I like my almonds raw, for example. They’re healthier and I think they taste better.

Ocean Spray Craisins brand dried cranberries

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But is trail mix ever made of raw almonds? No. It’s not. I was sick and tired of the man telling me what kind of nuts and fruits were going to be in my trail mix, so I put my foot down, once and for all.

I bought a pound of raw almonds, a half pound of dried cranberries, and a bag of dark chocolate chunks (I used 5 oz. of them). Mix it all up and you’ve got trail mix for days, for a fraction of the price that an equivalent amount of store bought mix would cost, and it’s exactly what I want.

Dark Chocolate

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Sometimes I get creative and add stuff like smoked paprika to an individual bag of it. I like the way the smokiness goes with the dark chocolate. That’s another beauty of this. It’s pretty basic, so you can customize it and have a slightly different flavor every day. I hope I’ve inspired you to rebel once and for all against pre-packaged mixes of 60% peanuts, 15% tree nuts, 15% petrified raisins, and 10% candy coated chocolate. There is so much more to life than that. I swear.

Bowl of Trail Mix

Happy munching!

Take a hike, eat some trail mix, and listen to this song.