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Phor this week’s phood truck phriday, I bring you the Phamish truck.

From the Phamish website.

Phenominal, phabulous, Phamish truck. Okay, enough of that ph stuff. Phamish is serving up Vietnamese comforts such as banh mi (baguette sandwiches), goi cuon (spring rolls), pho (rice noodle soup), and bun (rice vermicelli with meat, lettuce, and pickled vegetables). Make sure you really are phamished (I couldn’t help it–last time, I promise) when you go, because the portions are HUGE. I was really hoping for some pho. I’ve never had it and it’s been on my to eat least for a long time. Unfortunately, they were not serving pho that day, so I went fo the next best thing–a grilled steak bun bowl. It was $7 or $8, and well worth it. The bun bowls come with your choice of meat, rice vermicelli, lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon, bean sprouts, fresh cilantro and mint, green and fried onion, peanuts, and special sauce. If you know anything about me, you’ll know that this description made me really happy. I’ve already been over how much I love sides and condiments, and of course my obsession with pickles and pickled things. When I got my box of food, I was really impressed with how heavy it was. I peeped under the lid, and smiled at the lovely array of treats awaiting me. A healthy portion of noodles topped with chopped, grilled steak and crushed peanuts, cuddled up next to shredded lettuce and all of the other veggies, herbs, and pickled things.

The special sauce seemed to be a dressing of sorts, pretty mild flavor with a smattering of chili flakes to wake things up. I added a pump of chili paste to my box in case I felt like heating my meal up a bit more. I doused the veggies and salad with the special sauce, and dabbed the chili paste onto the steak, and dug in. Everything. Was. Phantastic (hehehe). The tender meat and the crunchy peanuts went perfectly together. The rice noodles were very plain, and I could have used some more sauce on them, but they added body and a nice smooth texture to the meal. The tangy daikon and salad lightly dressed in special sauce was super refreshing. There was seriously so much food that it hurt to eat as much as I did, and I didn’t even finish it all. Absolutely money well spent, and a wonderful meal that I would most definitely like to enjoy again. I also want to try it with some of the different meats, like the bo la lot (betel leaf wrapped beef…whatever that is) and lemongrass chicken. The pho and banh mi are also high on my list of foods to eat in the near future. Sadly, it appears as though I caught Phamish just in time, because a post on their website says they will be taking a hiatus for personal health reasons. I wish them the best, and hope everything will be fine. Until they return, you’ll just have to live vicariously through me, mouth watering and tummy rumbling!

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