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Komodo is among the plethora of food trucks serving fusion tacos, and theirs are as interesting and exotic as the Komodo dragon itself (but probably a lot more delicious, although i’ve never eaten Komodo dragon…). They mean business about their food, and though the tacos are small in size, they are big in flavor. As per most food trucks, Komodo has a sides menu, and in addition to the commonly seen takes on french fries, they also have meatballs. Tacos and meatballs? It seemed like an unlikely and random pairing, so of course I had to do it. I went with their “Deadly Combo,” and got two tacos and a side of meatballs. Fortunately, it wasn’t deadly at all, just tasty. I chose the Fish N’ Grapes taco and the the Java taco. The Fish N’ Grapes taco was deep fried Alaskan cod topped with a grape and roasted almond salad, and the Java was a taco filled with Indonesian shredded pork braised in coconut cream with a fresh tomato and cucumber salad. Their meatballs are made of pork and filled with lots of good spices and some veggies, topped with a romesco sauce.

I took nice pictures this time : )

Java Taco

Fish N' Grapes Taco

I was most excited for the Java taco, but surprisingly felt least enthusiastic about it. Sometimes simplicity is best, and I think there was just too much going on. The pork was sweet and rich from the coconut milk, but there was a pepperiness that I did not appreciate. It was a pretty good taco, but not a favorite. The fish taco was lovely, however. The fish was delicately fried and seasoned, and not greasy at all. The grape and almond salad was a very nice accouterment, and it did not overwhelm the fish. This would be an awesome summer time taco. Although Komodo is known for their tacos, their meatballs were the highlight for me. They were so flavorful, and had the right texture–not too smooth but not too course. The romesco sauce was a perfect condiment. I would definitely like to eat these again. I wish Komodo made a meatball taco, because that would be super delicious.

The final verdict? An enjoyable lunch, but not overly memorable or euphoria inducing as others have been.