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Just a small indicator of the perpetual line. (not my picture)

800 Degrees, Westwood’s newest addition to the already overwhelming selection of restaurants and eateries, came in hot with a lot of hype. It draws huge lines from opening to closing time, and people have been raving about it for the last several weeks. I just tried it out, and (oh my god) it definitely lives up to the reputation. I’m. In. LOVE. 800 Degrees is a Subway style Neapolitan pizzeria. You choose from one of three base pizzas–Margherita, Bianca, or Marinara, and then you choose from a huge selection of gourmet meats, cheeses, and veggies. They build it assembly line style and bake it right in front of you in a brick oven, and in minutes, you have a hot, fresh, perfect pizza with a thin and chewy crust and a ton of flavor.

Topping Selection (not my picture)

They also have salads, burrata plates, and gelato, all which look to die for. Aside from the amazing food, a huge draw for 800 Degrees is the unbeatable price, which fits nicely into a college kid’s budget. The pizza bases cost $5-6, and each topping costs $1, so for about $8 you can have a delicious pizza big enough for one really hungry person, but also good enough size to share or save half for later (if you have the willpower).

With beautiful topping choices like rock shrimp, soppressata, truffled cheese, broccolini, and marinated heirloom tomatoes, it was really hard to narrow it down.

I chose a Margherita base, full of fresh mozzarella pieces and basil leaves, topped with uncured rosemary ham and arugula, and it was heavenly. The cheese and the crust gave it a lovely chewiness, the thin slices of ham were full of flavor, and the arugula, added at the end, topped it off with a peppery freshness that balanced the pizza wonderfully.

My beautiful pizza!

As I sat and ate my pizza, I mulled over the menu, trying to think of what combinations I want to try next time. Meatball and caramelized onion? Bacon and gorgonzola? Prosciutto, feta, and artichoke? With 32 different toppings, the possibilities are close to endless. I tried figuring out the exact number of combinations one could choose, but my math skills are a tad rusty. I’m just going to have to figure it out the *hard way*, by experience!

Eat at 800 Degrees, and feel like you’ve come Home.