My name is Taylor. I am 20 years old and halfway through college at UCLA. I am from a tiny town in northern California for which I hold a sizable amount of contempt. Los Angeles has my heart. I don’t take many things too seriously, especially myself. I’m sarcastic to a fault. If I say or write something that seems really pretentious or obscene, it’s a joke. Most likely. I am always restless. My greatest fear is to become complacent. I have a list of words that make me feel uncomfortable. I dream of going to Argentina. I’m going to Argentina summer 2012!! I secretly want to have dread locks and be an MMA fighter. I have a really hard time choosing when given too many options (restaurants with novel sized menus give me anxiety). Coral is my color. I wish it was acceptable for people other than bikers and rock stars to wear leather outfits. I would rather watch 300 than The Notebook. My first memory of having a favorite song is from when I was five–I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis. I struggle with knowing when it is or is not appropriate to hug, and tend err on the side of not hugging. So instead I show affection through food. I love food. Knowing that something I made has made someone happy thrills me. Baking is therapeutic. Baking while listening to some lovely music is nirvana. With chocolate and peanut butter, enlightenment can be reached. My ideal food is sweet & salty, creamy & crunchy, and of course chocolate-peanut-buttery, all at the same time. My favorite food that does not include any of this criteria is carnitas street tacos, preferably from a taco truck. Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

2 thoughts on “Hi.”

  1. you’re hilarious

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